Littleguy au

Hello, this is a carrd that explains a thing or two of my dsmp "little guy" au as well as keeping track with the comics I post abt it that count as "lore".

But first of all, I want you all to acknowledge that you guys owe tumblr this au, THEY were the ones that made the thing blow up and have content so I will most likely cater to them.

Anyways, first and FAQ:

Q: Can I draw the little guy?
A: yes, I never said otherwise anywhere, INFACT I encourage it!

Q: Can I use your little guy design for my project?
A: yes! just don't claim him as your own and credit me properly!

Q: Can I use your art as a pfp/banner/whatever?
A: Yes! again, just don't claim as your own and credit me properly

Q: Who is that in the one comic? Is it dream/Quackity/Ranboo/wilbur???
A: NO, that's Coil! oc made by my friend Corvidaearts

Canon Timeline

this is where all the links to the canon comics are! they are organized chronologically cause I do stuff non linearly so this will be updated several times as the au grows

And if you want fluffy stuff, you are better off scrolling through the #littleguyau tag on tumblr

Canon doodles

Some doodles that contribute to the story and ARE canon but I just don't know where to put them on the canon timeline.

Take this as a sort of world-building / expanded universe / bonus content sort of deal.
If you wish to look at them all mixed in with some canon content from the actual timeline I recommend you check out the twitter moment I made for this au.

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